Sunday, October 2, 2011

Restaurant Review: D'Agnese's

For a few months now Ross and I have really been wanting to try D'Agnese's in Clevealnd. We had heard really great things about them, and so when Living Social came out with a coupon, it was a no brainer.

It was nice to meet Ross for dinner after work, that rarely happens when you live 2 hours apart. The parking lot was packed as usual, a good sign for the popularity of a restaurant. We were a few minutes early for our reservation so we had to wait a bit, no biggie.

As soon as we were seated our waiter brought us some bread with olive tapenade. I really love olives, as does Ross, so we both enjoyed the tapenade.
Yummy bread!
As soon as I saw the Mediterranean salad, I knew what I was ordering. I opted for the half salad for an appetizer and then ordered the Eggplant Parmesan for dinner. I also ordered a side of the risotto milanese (which I have heard really good things about).

The was the biggest side salad I have ever seen, and it was only $4.50. I thought it was good, but I had wished that the flavors were more pungent, the feta cheese and kalamata olives were more mild than I am used to. The balsamic dressing had a sweet flavor to it, which I found nice.

 The eggplant parmesan was also good, but it had a weird temperature thing going on, the baked dish was hot, but the sauce on top was just lukewarm. I find that I am super picky about my sauce, I still think my grandpa makes it best. I thought the eggplant had a really great flavor, it was fresh tasting and not greasy at all.

The side of risotto was also really good. I thought the flavors were there, the saffron rice was incredible. I think next time we go (and yes, there will be a next time), I will order this as my meal. We polished that off pretty quickly, because as much as I hated to share, I decided to be a nice girlfriend.

Excuse my dark pictures, the restaurant was really dimly lit so it was hard to get good shots.

We opted out of dessert, although they did have a good looking dessert tray, after all, you eat with your eyes first. 

All in all, we will be back, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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