Sunday, May 8, 2011

The weekend of three desserts...

Well, as usual the weekend happened. I am not so much a fan of the sweets, but for the last two days I couldn't get enough! I have had three desserts in two days, only one survived on my plate for long enough to take a picture of:

Which accompanied this salad:
Side note: if you order a salad in Pittsburgh, it most likely has french fries on it. I don't complain about that addition, it is ridiculously good.

On Saturday Ross and I went to get some seedlings from Grow Pittsburgh. I got a slew of peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, and basil. I will definitely take pictures when I get the planted, assuming that there is no risk of frost. After we got the seedlings, we went to the above photographed lunch. When we got back from there, I felt so bad about getting the dessert that we went for a walk through Frick Park. It was a nice day for a walk, and apparently a wedding:

Saturday night we went to dinner with two of my good friends from high school, Jess and Jer. We all have a love of Thai food, and The Green Mango is close to home, so we decided that would be a great place to go. I got the Spicy Vegetable Curry (oh and their rice is the bomb, yes, I brought that word back just for the rice).
Sorry for the blurry-ness, but trust me, it was awesome!

After a satisfying Thai extravaganza, we were on our way to see our high schools production of Phantom of the Opera. At my high school we take two things very seriously, football and the musical. Weird combo, I know. This musical was no exception, it was amazing! I actually cried at the boat scene, not because it is emotional, but because the technical aspect was flawlessly executed. I can also be a cry baby sometimes.
 For those who have seen Phantom, the chandelier plays an important role. I guess they actually thought about renting this, but eventually built it to save cost. It looks IDENTICAL to the Broadway version. I might also mention that I have seen the musical 6 times, not including the countless times I have seen the movie. Obsessed? Maybe a little.

After getting home way too late last night from a lovely nostalgic evening (which included the weekend's second dessert, Oreo Pie), I had to be up at 5:00 this morning to help volunteer for the Race for the Cure. It was nice to be able to help such a great cause! 

For Mother's Day I took my mom to see:
It was SOOOOO cute! It was great hearing all of the tunes of the 50's and 60's and I think my mom really loved it. 
For dinner we ventured to Mount Washington and on the way up we stopped to take some pictures:

We ate at La Tavola Italiana, an awesome family owned restaurant. This is a mothers day tradition for us, we love their food and the homey atmosphere, also the endless basket of garlic bread helps.

I got the linguine with olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, and hot peppers. It was really delicious and I have half left for tomorrow night:
For my third dessert of this weekend, my mom and I split Tiramisu, which for me is a must when going to any Italian restaurant.

Are you a sweet or salty person? What is your favorite dessert?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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  1. OK. Well I didn't need to know that Pittsburgh salad's had french fries on them....because I am now looking online for the first plane ticket to Pittsburgh. HAHA!

    looks like you had an awesome weekend! BRING ME SOME PIE!